Wix Review

Wix Review
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Wix Jumbo Review 2020

Wix is a do-it-yourself website building platform that has well over 100 million registered users from 190 countries. When compared to its competitors, Weebly and Squarespace, Wix appears to be one of the most popular website builders. Weebly has a total of 40 million registered users. Squarespace doesn’t provide an exact number of users, but it’s estimated that the company counts about half a million users.

We’ve decided to write a detailed Wix review based on our own experience with this website builder. So, without putting our Wix website builder review off any further, let’s dive straight into the features and pricing of the Wix website.

Wix review 2020

The first thing you need to do to access the website builder is to either use your Wix login credentials if you are an existing Wix user. If this is the first time you’ve visited Wix, you’ll need to register an account with the website. There are two ways you can do this. One is to provide your email address and create a password you’ll use for the Wix website login. The other way is to use the website’s Sign Up with Facebook feature or the Sign Up with Google Plus feature.

The moment you sign up to Wix, you’ll be asked to choose the type of website you want to create. You can select one of the 12 categories: business, online store, photography, music, designer, restaurant & food, accommodation, events, blog, beauty & wellness, and portfolio & CV. If none of the categories fits your line of work, you can click on “Other”, and either customize one of the templates on your own or let Wix ADI create a website design for you by answering a few simple questions about your business.

We decided to create a blog website for this Wix website builder review. After clicking on “Blog”, we were presented with the option of selecting one of the many Wix templates, and the option of letting Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) choose a template for us was available too. We opted for the first option as we wanted to explore the different themes available. Here, we had the option to choose a template from the following categories: New, Most Popular, and Blank Templates.

We’ve chosen a business strategy blog template as our starting point, and our journey into the world of do-it-yourself website building could finally begin.

 Ease of use

Once you enter the website editor, everything seems to be in perfect place. Wix is a WYSIWYG website builder which allows for the instant preview of the content. The main editing tools are located on the left side of the webpage, while more specific settings are on the right side.

New Wix users might be a bit overwhelmed with all the options available, but familiarizing with the website tools doesn’t take too long. From our personal experience, getting a good grasp of Wix features and tools is easy and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes. So, we can say with great confidence that the website is user-friendly. Simply hovering over any icon or element on the website will give a short description of what the icon or element is used for. And, may we add, the question marks that provide further explanations about anything on a Wix website are all over the place. If you get stuck, just click the question mark 🙂

Wix websites look good on all devices. All you have to do to have a nice mobile version of your website is select the “Make your site mobile friendly” option. You’ll find this option under the Mobile tab. Now, if you want to make further adjustments to the mobile version of the site, you can use “Edit Mobile View”. You can use the Page Layout Optimizer to help you with optimizing your site for mobile devices. If you don’t like the changes, you can always reverse the changes and manage the mobile site layout the way you think is best.

Drag and Drop

The front-end editor is straightforward. It allows you to select and change the background, add text, images, videos, buttons, and much more. The Drag and Drop feature makes creating a website a real pleasure. Just simply select a page element and drag it right where you want it to be placed. The right-click option is quite helpful. By right-clicking on a page element you’ll see the different options available for that element.  

Image Editing

When it comes to image editing, we were very happy with all the options available. By clicking on any image on the site, you’ll see the basic image settings. You can resize an image by selecting one of the two options, namely Auto and Stretch. Adding text to describe images on your site is also great from the SEO point of view. Another thing you can do is choose what happens when you click on an image. The options include opening the image in a pop-up window, magnifying the image, going to a specific link, or, our least favourite, do nothing.

However, your image editing adventure doesn’t stop here. You can also add frames to your images, apply different Wix filters to them, and select image animations. Cropping images with Wix is another great website building experience. You can freely crop the images with custom dimensions, or you can lock dimensions at the specific width and height. If that’s not enough for you there are set crop dimensions: 3:2, 5:3, 4:3, 5:4, 6:4, 7:5, 10:8, and 16:9. You can also crop an image to a square. Once you’ve finished cropping the images, you can add text, stickers, enhance the image, and what not.   

Content Editing

Content editing is one of the sections of the Wix websites where you get to experience the website’s user-friendliness in every possible way. You can easily change texts and paragraphs, and further on, text colour, font, and formatting. You can add various types of media to your posts, whether this is an image, video, gallery, or GIF. You can also insert HTML embedded code, and text dividers.

You can also use advanced settings to help optimize your site for search engines. Everything from meta title and description to excerpts is available. There’s also the option of previewing your content on Google. Aside from this, creating a mobile-friendly title for your content is available too.


Wix offers a wide range of stunning themes to their users. There are 500+ Wix templates, and the best part is that all of them are free. None of the themes can be moved from Wix servers though.

When it comes to creating your own Wix theme, this option is available with this website building platform. All you need to do to start creating your own Wix theme is to select one of the Wix blank templates. You can start all the way from scratch, or choose a blank template with a few different layouts.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that once you’ve selected a template, and published your site you cannot switch to another template. If you find yourself struggling to select a Wix template, you can always check out Wix website examples.

The website doesn’t support Retina display at the moment, but Wix is collecting votes to see if they’ll be adding this feature in the future.

All themes are highly responsive regardless of the type of device you use. As we’ve mentioned it earlier, Wix websites are mobile friendly. The website has a separate section for editing a mobile version of a website (Wix mobile editor). Their SEO efforts in this regard are showing too, as you can optimize your content title so that it displays nicely on mobile devices. The Wix mobile editor offers mobile tools, namely Quick Action Bar and Back to Top button. With the mobile editor, you can also hide elements from a page e.g. content that’s not supported on mobile devices. Lastly, both your desktop and mobile versions of the website are under a single URL.


Now let’s see all the features the Wix website offers.


Wix offers the option of adding a blog app via the website’s app market. Once you’ve added this free Wix app to your website it will show up on the main menu of your website. Along with the blog app, the Members App is automatically added to your blog. Once you’re done writing your blog post, you can easily add tags, categories, as well as manage comments. To add comments to your website, you need to add one of the Wix comment apps: the Comments app, Facebook comments, Comment Plus+, and Voice Comments+. The Disqus Comments is available as a website element. You need to create an account on Disqus first, and then incorporate this element into your website. All blog posts have the option of URL customization too.

You can add the search app to your blog, but this app has some limitations with free Wix plans. With this app, your blog readers will be able to search content on your site. The basic package offers only 30 searches per month.

The Wix blog supports a live typing indicator, which will allow you to see when people are active on your website. The blog app has built-in social features that you can access from your blog settings tab. This allows your website’s visitors to share your content on major social media channels.

Aside from all these options, Wix blogs offer a rich text editor and the option of using a hashtag in your posts.


The SSL certificates option is not automatically turned on. However, you can enable it with a few simple clicks in the Site Manager. You need to go to the Domain tab, select the SSL certification option, and enable it. The SSL support is not available for websites that are connected to external sites.


The webmail on Wix is not available for free plans. In order to access this feature, you, first of all, need to upgrade your account to one of the Wix Premium Plans. Then, you can get the G Suite Personalized Mailbox with a custom email address including your domain name and 30GB inbox and drive storage, among other great features. The Yearly Mailbox plan is priced at $4.08 a month, while the Monthly Mailbox plan is $4.95.

Membership Systems

In terms of membership management, Wix offers the ability to create a members-only page by managing permissions in the page settings, and adjust the membership signup settings. You can decide who can be a member, as well as enable a social login. The final step is to add a Member Login website element by clicking on the Add button, and then more. You’ll see the member login element, and you’ll only need to drag and drop the element on your webpage. New member requests will appear in the Contacts section of the site.

Alternatively, you can download the Member Login App for free from the Wix App Market.

Now, the option of paid subscription is not yet available on Wix. The website building platform is still collecting votes for adding this feature/app. However, you can add a PayPal button to your website, and request a payment before approving a site member.


Wix offers different menu options. These include a horizontal and vertical menu, fixed header, floating anchor, icon, and bottom page menus. While you’ll find tutorials on how to add all types of menus to your web pages in the Wix help section, you can also select a template that already has a particular type of a menu.

Form Builder

You’ll find several Form Builder apps on the Wix App Market. 123 Form Builder, Form Builder Plus, Magic Form Builder, Epic Form Builder, and Form Creator are form builders available on Wix. Even though these form builders are available to users of the Wix free plan, only the Premium plans allow for unlimited usage of these apps. However, you can use a Wix promo code with some of these apps. There’s a promotion running on the Wix website allowing for a 1-year free upgrade for the 123 Form Builder and Site Booster apps. This offer is available to Wix users with a Yearly Unlimited, eCommerce, or VIP Premium Plan only.

Live Chat

If you want to add a free live chat feature to your website, you can do so by visiting the Wix App Market. The Wix Chat app is available for users with a free plan, and the app has many useful options. The app allows you to view very specific information about your visitors. With the Wix Chat app you can see who is visiting your website, locations of your website visitors, how long each visitor stayed on your website, and at what pages. You can set a specific time when visitors can chat with you, as well as receive instant notifications for when a website visitor comes to your website, buys something, and many other useful data.

Aside from this Wix app, you can also try out the Tidio Live Chat, Live Chat, and Live Chat Room apps. However, these apps come with a free 7-day trial, have limited options for Free Plan users, or are available only for Premium plan users.

The live chat option is an essential part of our Wix website review. That said you should know that the Wix customer support doesn’t support the live chat feature. They are, however, collecting votes for this feature too, and if it gets enough votes, we are sure Wix will eventually add this feature to their website.

Ecommerce Functionality

Among many other reasons, we decided to write a Wix review for everyone who wants to build an ecommerce website using this website building platform. Wix Stores is available to business owners who want to create an online store. The website offers numerous options for creating e-commerce websites.Wix makes it possible for e-commerce website owners to track their orders, promote sales, manage shipping and tax options, and get paid through credit cards and PayPal.

With Wix Stores, you can create an amazing online store and feature anywhere from 5 to 5000 products. When it comes to different e-commerce apps available at Wix, we’ll mention a few.

The POWr eCommerce app is available to both free and premium plans users. Now, the free version of the app has a number of limitations. With the Wix’s Free Plan you can display only 1 product or digital item, only one payment method is available (PayPal), and discount codes are not supported. If you decide to use the premium features of the app, starting at $4.79, you’ll be presented with much more options.

The ECWID Online Store app is available for both basic and premium packages. The free version of the app offers to list 10 products, ECWID Payments are available, there are no transaction fees, and the app is mobile responsive. The paid version of the app offers even more options, including discount and coupon promotions, popular marketplace integrations, and the ECWID Mobile App.

The eBay eCommerce app is available to the Premium Plans users only at $9.99 a month, allowing e-commerce website owners to add their eBay store to the website, as well as many other useful features.

The Etsy Shop app is on the other hand free. With this app, all e-commerce website users can incorporate their Etsy shop into their Wix website.


The Wix App Market offers an abundance of apps you can integrate with your Wix website. There are about 260 apps available on the Wix App Market. These apps are divided into the following categories:

  •         Analytics – visitor count, marketing and analytics, web stats apps
  •         Business Tools – video hosting, online payments, site search, Wix Bookings, Wix Stores, Wix Hotels, Wix Events, subscription apps, Yelp, Member Login app, Amazon, and many other apps
  •         Chat – Wix chat, Tidio Live Chat, Live Messenger, Skype Call, Free Call, Wix Forum.
  •         Design Tools – Logo Maker, CoolText, portfolio, Wix Pro Gallery, Instagram Feed, Photo Editor, Post It Notes, and Social Stream apps
  •         Forms – Wix Events and Reservations, contact forms, Get Subscribers, polls, Welcome Bar, Birthday Club, Visitor Hook.
  •         Marketing Tools – site search, hit count, Google AdSense, customer reviews, Yelp, testimonial builders, social stream
  •         Social – Social media icons, social offers, Comments Plus, Google Plus, Instagram feed, Pinterest follow, Facebook follow, Facebook like, games
  •         Video – Wix video, 123videoads, HDW player, video gallery, interactive video.


To determine the desktop and mobile loading speed, we tested one of the many Wix powered websites. The results for the Liam Rinat website were the following:

  •         Desktop loading speed: 95/100 (Good)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 85/100 (Good)

It’s important to note that using animations, HD images, videos, and external applications enriches user experience, but it also affects website loading times.

To support this, we tested a website of a photographer, as the website included the features mentioned above. The results of this website were the following:

  •         Desktop loading speed: 35/100 (Poor)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 66/100 (Needs work)

We also decided to compare loading speed of other website builders.

Wix vs Squarespace Loading Times

For the Squarespace loading speed test, we’ve chosen two websites randomly, and the results for the first website, Active Schools, had the following loading speed:

  •         Desktop loading speed: 81/100 (Needs work)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 58/100 (Poor)

The results for the other Squarespace website, V Magazine Shop, were as it follows:

  •         Desktop loading speed: 71/100 (Needs work)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 37/100 (Poor)

Wix vs Weebly Loading Times

The next logical step was to analyse Weebly loading speed and see how it compares to Wix powered websites. So, again, we tested two Weebly websites, and here’s what the results said:

Basecamp Island

  •         Desktop loading speed: 48/100 (Poor)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 53/100 (Poor)


  •         Desktop loading speed: 47 / 100 (Poor)
  •         Mobile loading speed: 61 / 100 (Poor)

How SEO Friendly Is the Website

Once you enter the Settings tab of your Wix website, you’ll see the option of enabling SEO for your website in the Overview tab. From here you can manage your SEO status (turn on or turn off the option of including your website in search results), add header codes to your website, and manage 301 redirects.

Furthermore, each page on your website features the SEO Page section. You can add a search engine optimized title to your page, and page descriptions, as well as customize URL on any of your website’s pages.

The Wix website builder claims to have the best SEO for your website promoting their free Wix SEO Wiz tool. Once you click on the Get Started button, you’ll be asked several questions to optimize your website for search engines. Here’s the info you’ll need to provide:

  •         Name of your brand
  •         Location of your business
  •         Up to 5 keywords relevant to your website

You can always change any of the info you’ve provided in the SEO Wiz Settings tab. After providing the essential info, Wix SEO Wiz will generate an SEO plan for your website. You’ll be able to access the plan easily, and there’ll be a checklist ensuring your website is fully optimized for search engines.

Now, every website created with Wix has a sitemap that is automatically generated by Wix servers. It is possible to submit a sitemap manually after you’ve successfully verified your website with Google Search Console. All you have to do to submit your sitemap is to type in sitemap.xml after your domain name.

If on the other hand, you’ve connected your Wix website with Google with the Wix SEO Wiz app, your sitemap will be submitted automatically. Please note that after you’ve made changes on your website (i.e. add pages), you’ll need to submit the newest version of your sitemap manually. The SEO Wiz will not generate a new sitemap over and over again.

Additionally, you can use the Site Booster app available to users of free and premium packages. This app will list your website on SMB Home Online and BusinessDataIndex. The option of connecting Google Analytics to a Wix website is available for premium users only. With Google Analytics you can see the number of visitors to your website, how much time visitors spend on the website, and check the geographical location of your website visitors.

Other SEO apps at the Wix App Market include Rabbit SEO, SEO Analytics, and rankingCoach, among other SEO-related apps.

With the Web-Stat app, traffic evaluation is as easy as a breeze. The app will provide you with all kinds of useful information such as where your visitors come from, which search engine they used to find your website, and how long your visitors stayed on your website. The Web-Stat app monitors about 100,000 websites and it is available for users of Wix free and premium plans.


We’ve come to the Wix website cost, so let’s see the plans Wix offers to their users.


Wix pricing for Premium plans:

  •         Connect Domain $4.5 monthly: 1GB Bandwidth, 500MB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Wix ads displayed.
  •         Combo $8.5 monthly: 2GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Free domain voucher for one year, remove Wix ads, customized favicon.
  •         Unlimited $12.5 monthly: Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Free domain voucher for one year, remove Wix ads, customized favicon, Form Builder app, Site Booster app.
  •         ECommerce $16.5 monthly: Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Free domain voucher for one year, remove Wix ads, customized favicon, Form Builder app, Site Booster app, online store.
  •         VIP $24.5 monthly Unlimited bandwidth, 20GB Storage, Connect Your Domain, Free domain voucher for one year, remove Wix ads, customized favicon, Form Builder app, Site Booster app, online store, 10 Email Campaigns/month, Professional Site Review.

None of the Wix Premium plans includes VAT, as this depends on user’s billing country. The final price of any of the plans is available on the Purchase page.

Hidden costs

While there’s no option of getting a free domain with a basic package, you can get a 1-year free domain voucher with all premium plans. Once your voucher expires, you’ll need to pay your domain on a yearly basis, and the prices range from $14.95 to $15.95 a year. Wix Canada website users cannot use a Canadian domain (ca) with the Wix website builder at this time. However, as it is the case with all popular requests, Wix is collecting votes to enable this option for Wix Canada websites.

The same rule valid for a free domain voucher is applied to Form Builder and Site Booster apps. The offer for both apps is valid for a 1-year premium subscription. After the promotional period expires, you’ll have to pay $118.8 a year in order to use both of these apps.

All Wix templates are free so you’ll find no hidden charges here. Some of the Wix apps are available to Premium plans users only. The G Suite mailbox, for example, is not included in any of the premium plans so you’ll have to purchase the mailbox separately. If it turns out you need a great number of paid apps, you might want to consider upgrading your account to any of the available premium plans.

Wix Vouchers

Wix offers vouchers to users who purchase a yearly premium plan for the first time. The Combo plan offers free domain and Google AdWords Vouchers, while Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP Plans offer 4 vouchers in total. These are free domain, Google AdWords, Bing advertising, and local listings vouchers.

Billing Practices

Premium users of the Wix website building platform can purchase a monthly, yearly, and two-year subscription. Both the yearly subscription and the two-year subscription come with some extra savings.

Payment Options

There are numerous payment methods that Wix customers can use to make payments. Stripe, PayPal, Square, Moolah, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Braintree, Wirecard, PagSeguro, eWay, Yandex, Fat Zebra, MercadoPago, Leumi Card, d-Local, PayU Turkey, and manual payments are all included.

Customer Support

Wix offers various types of customer support. The Wix call centres are open Monday through Thursday 6:00 am – 5:00 pm (PST). By visiting the Wix contact page, you can submit a ticket, and request a call back during the working hours. Your local phone provider charges may be applied. The Wix call centre number is 00 1 415-639-9034, and the phone support is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The Wix Help Centre is a real gem. Almost anything you might have troubles with when building your own website can be found in form of detailed guides in the Help Centre.

Their customer support staff is knowledgeable and responds in a timely manner in general. They are very patient and happy to resolve all of their customers’ issues. However, due to a high number of requests, users can wait for a few days to receive an answer. When you submit a ticket as a premium user, your ticket will get at the top of the queue ensuring you get a fast response. The fastest support however is guaranteed to users of the VIP plan, as the plan provides first priority support.

Chat support is not currently available, but the website is collecting votes to resolve this issue.

Wix vs WordPress

Before we conclude our main topic, we wanted to take the opportunity to compare the most popular website publishing platforms, WordPress to Wix.

First of all, Wix is far easier to use in comparison to WordPress. With WordPress more often than not users will have to learn some coding basics, while Wix has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows easy use. When it comes to design options, WordPress offers thousands of themes, while Wix has about 500 themes. However, all Wix themes are free, while, on the other hand, some WordPress themes can cost up to $299.

WordPress is a CMS platform that is home to nearly 75 million websites, so there are a lot of tutorials, blogs and communities focusing on WordPress. On the other hand, Wix covers over 260,000 topics and has a help icon for almost all editable items. In addition, Wix has phone support, which cannot be said for WordPress. WordPress is the best website publishing option for many, but it requires some HTML/CSS knowledge, and for new users, it can get too technical really quickly. As opposed this, Wix is a simple and effective website development solution that can help you create any type of website – from a single page website to an e-commerce website.

In our opinion, in the everlasting Wix vs WordPress battle, Wix wins most of the rounds.


In conclusion, Wix is a great website builder that offers more than 500 beautiful templates. Wix users can add a wide variety of useful apps right from the Wix App Market, and many of those apps are free. So to answer the question: is Wix free? Yes, you can create a Wix website completely free of charge.

There are many SEO tools that can optimize a Wix website for search engines, and even though Wix doesn’t support working with codes, search engines don’t have favourites based on a website’s complexity. So, that’s a good thing.

To add to that, different Wix reviews rate this website building platform as rather good, and what most user reviews emphasize as the Wix biggest flaws are rather expensive pricing plans and the fact that you can’t switch templates once you’ve published your Wix website.

Lastly, Wix website builder is extremely easy to use which is a very important feature of DIY website building platforms. The WIX artificial design intelligence is Wix’s unique feature that we’d also like to emphasize. It enables an innovative website creation experience. If you’d like to see what Wix ADI can do, please take a look at some excellent websites created with ADI.


We recommend using Wix website builder wholeheartedly. We’ll mention it once again that this Wix review is the result of our personal experience with the website builder, and from what we’ve seen we really like almost everything about Wix. What we think is the biggest Wix’s drawback is that it offers too many options. Yes, having too many options can be a downside. New Wix users that have way too many customization options can easily create a chaos in the website editor. There are no limitations to what you can add to your Wix website and that can create a cluttered website with not that attractive overall design. So, our advice is: don’t get carried away with the plethora of designing options Wix offers. With this mind, we’ll conclude our Wix review, and let you decide if you’ll use Wix to create your new website.

Wix Q&A

  • Is a Wix website really free?

Yes and no. Wix offers two versions of the website, namely Premium and Free. While you can create a Wix website completely free, there are some limitations that come with this version.

  • What does Wix do?

Wix is one of the most popular website builders today. It helps people create a website in an easy and fun way.

  • Is it free to publish on Wix?

Yes. With the Wix Free Plan you can publish your website for free, and with this plan, you’ll get 500MB of storage and up to 500MB bandwidth.

  • What is a Wix website?

A Wix website is a website created with the Wix website building platform. A Wix website can be anything from a business and photography website to a portfolio and online store website.

  • How much is a Wix website?

While you can create a Wix website for free, this website builder offers different Premium plans to their customers. The prices range from $4.50 a month (Connect Domain plan) to $24.50 a month (VIP plan).

  • How much is the Wix Stores feature?

The Wix Stores app is available with two premium plans, namely eCommerce and VIP plans. The monthly price for the eCommerce plan is $20, and $30 for the VIP plan. If you decide to purchase a yearly subscription for these two plans, the monthly costs will be somewhat lower, $17 for the eCommerce plan and $25 for the VIP plan. The best offer is a 2-year plan at $15/month for the eCommerce plan and $22/month for the VIP plan. These prices exclude VAT.

  • How much does Wix charge for hosting?

Whether you use Wix’s free plan or any of the website’s premium plans, Wix offers free hosting for all websites.

  • What is Wix premium?

Wix Premium refers to any of the 5 paid Wix plans: Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce, and VIP.

  • How much does Wix premium cost?

The cost of Wix Premium depends on the type of the premium plan you choose.

  •         Connect Domain premium plan: $4.50/month
  •         Combo premium plan: $8.50/month
  •         Unlimited premium plan: $12.50/month
  •         eCommerce premium plan: $16.50/month
  •         VIP premium plan: $24.50/month

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