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At first sight, Strikingly strikes us as a powerful website builder. The builder promises to help users create a website in minutes and without coding and design knowledge. However, none of our reviews relies on first impressions but in-depth research and a series of tests. Strikingly is not an exception to this rule.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive Strikingly review that focuses on what matters most – ease of use, flexibility, functionality, and pricing, among other things. Our team of experts joined forces to explore the ins and outs of this website builder. We created several websites with this tool to provide you with the most accurate first-hand information, so read on!

Ease of Use

Screenshot of Strikingly website's home page

The Strikingly builder is remarkably easy to use. Once we created an account with this builder, we had to select a template, and immediately after that, we entered the website editor. While you can explore the editor on your own, Strikingly offers a quick tour to help you get started.

Whichever option you choose, getting a grasp of how the website editor works shouldn’t be time-consuming. In about half an hour, you’re likely to know everything you need to create a site using this website development tool.


The Strikingly website builder makes adding and editing your site’s content relatively easy. Everything you need to start customizing your content is located in the left sidebar of the editor. At first glance, the interface looks a bit cluttered.

The wealth of designing options can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, but once you go through animations, text sizes and fonts, and colour schemes, you’ll have a clear insight into what you can do to polish your site. The same goes for the Settings tab where you can add some basic info about your website, manage domains and SEO settings, etc.

We’ll talk about that later, though. For now, we’re focusing on managing site elements and how easy it is to customize a Strikingly website according to your preferences.

Point and Click

Strikingly is a point-and-click website builder. If an item is editable, editing options will appear once you click on that item. Using Strikingly point-and-click editor, you can add anything from content in rows and columns to plain text, buttons, and galleries.

Screenshot of Strikingly example website 1

Some of the builder’s features, such as writing your own HTML code and adding custom sections, are not available with the free plan. You’ll be able to add these features to your site and explore them, but once your website is live, these Pro features won’t be visible.

Image Editing

One of the Strikingly pros is that it has an extensive library that features high-quality images from Unsplash, which will help you enhance your site content with beautiful imagery. More importantly, once you add images to your site, you can edit them with Strikingly’s Image Editor.

Screenshot of Strikingly image editor

The editor allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of your images, as well as crop and resize them. The cropping options range from custom dimensions to predetermined aspect ratios — 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, etc.

Content Editing

When it comes to content editing options, Strikingly supports basic content editing options. You can highlight your content with formatting options such as bold and italics, as well as add bulleted and numbered lists to your content.

Screenshot of Strikingly content editor

Apart from this, you can add links to your content and change the font, size, and colour of your text. Even though all of these content editing options are standard, they make content editing simple enough.

Strikingly Templates

Number of Themes

The builder’s template library features 29 templates. They are divided into six categories: Business, Personal, Portfolio, Blog, Store, and Startup. While the number of themes is low, users have a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing selected templates.

Some of the template properties you can change include changing the colour scheme and the font size and colour. You can also switch to different menu types. Additionally, all templates are free.

Screenshot of Strikingly templates

The option to develop your own theme and upload the code to the builder is not available. After all, Strikingly focuses on users that don’t have code or design knowledge. Developing a custom theme is more of an option for advanced users, which is not Strikingly’s primary audience.


Strikingly Inc., the company behind the website building tool, focuses on delivering mobile-first website experiences. Taking that into account, you can expect cross-compatibility from any Strikingly-powered website.

The website editor allows you to preview your site on different screens to make sure it displays correctly on each of them. As the builder supports adding images and videos to your website’s background, it’s best to set your background size to 1600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall to ensure there are no glitches or bugs on any device.



The built-in blogging functionality is another pro of using Strikingly. You can add a blog to your site with a single click. Creating blog posts is a simple, intuitive process, and you can add any type of content to your posts.

Screenshot of Strikingly blog features

Some of the many options available with Strikingly blogs include adding categories and meta descriptions to each blog post, as well as customizing the URL structure. Comparing Strikingly vs WordPress might be slightly unfair as WordPress is an advanced blogging platform.

Nevertheless, Strikingly is a strong competitor taking into account all of the features we’ve previously mentioned. Still, it lacks some advanced features, such as the option of scheduling posts.

If you want to create a blogging website, you might want to consider a blogging platform rather than a website builder with integrated blog functionality.


In today’s website building climate, using an SSL secure protocol and HTTPS connections is no longer a tedious task. Most site builders won’t ask you to purchase an SSL certificate separately. Instead, they will automatically enable SSL encryption on your site free of charge, usually if you subscribe to one of their paid plans.

To better review Strikingly, we looked into security options the builder provides. We’ve found that Strikingly is no different than other site builders in this regard. If you own a custom domain, which is only available with paid plans, the builder will automatically enable HTTPS connection for your domain.

The builder is in charge of both SSL installation and renewal. Sadly, free plan users cannot enable SSL for their domain, but can only use HTTP connection – no green padlock.


Screenshot of Strikingly email feature

Paying users can set up a custom email account with their domain. After setting up an email account with the builder, users get Strikingly login details for accessing Strikingly’s webmail.

From here, they can send and receive emails. As far as email pricing goes, it’s separate from the builder’s paid plans. Each email account costs $25/year.

Form Builder

Screenshot of Strikingly form builder options

Strikingly offers two types of forms: contact and signup forms. However, both of these forms don’t allow adding custom form fields. To get the full potential of the forms on your website, you can integrate one of the online form builder providers, including Wufoo and Typeform. The option of integrating MailChimp with your website is available to pro plan users only.

If you don’t want to go through the signup process at these websites, you can build a form using Google Docs as well, providing you’re using G Suite.


Strikingly websites using a free plan can choose between two types of menus. Even though there are six layouts in the Header and Navigation tab, five out of six layouts are variations of the top horizontal sticky menu. The other type of the menu is a sidebar menu. There’s also a drop-down menu, but it comes only with paid subscriptions.

Screenshot of Strikingly navigation menu

When it comes to customization options, users can change the colour of the background menu, as well as adjust the font size.


When it comes to integrations available with Strikingly, the builder offers a somewhat limited choice of apps and integrations. Comparing Strikingly vs Wix would make Wix an absolute winner as the Wix App Market features over 250 apps. Strikingly, on the other hand, lists 17 integrations in its App Store.

Screenshot of Strikingly integrations options

A relatively small number of add-ons and plugins doesn’t mean you cannot add additional functionality to your Strikingly site. Using integrations supported by the builder, you can add forms, showcase your Pinterest boards and pins, enable Facebook comments, etc.

Only three integrations (MailChimp, Ecwid, and HTML) are limited to paid plans, while you can use the rest with a free account.

Still, if you’d like a wider choice of apps, we recommend reading our Wix review to discover if this website builder might be a better option for you.

Ecommerce Functionality

If you’re looking for a website builder that will help you launch an online store, Strikingly has a lot to offer – even with the Free plan. The Free plan allows you to add only one product, but also to manage orders, add payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, and offline payment methods), and set shipping rates for your store.

Screenshot of Strikingly's e-commerce tool

Additionally, you can use the Strikingly app to process and fulfil orders and receive notifications about the new ones.

If you want your store to feature more than one product, you will have to upgrade your plan to any of the three paid plans. With the Limited plan, you can add up to five products to your store, while the Pro plan allows you to add up to 300 products.

The maximum number of products in your online store is 500, and to do that you should subscribe to the builder’s VIP plan. The paid plans will also allow you to add categories, coupons, and product page descriptions to your online shop.


How quickly Strikingly-powered sites load? For determining the average page speed of this builder, we tested its homepage. We also compared Strikingly vs Squarespace loading speeds to see if there are any significant differences in these two competitors’ performance.

We used GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights for this performance test.

Based on the results from GTmetrix, Strikingly’s PageSpeed score was C (78%), which is slightly above the average. The only thing that separated Strikingly from getting an A is the fact that the builder doesn’t serve scaled images.

This process saves many bytes of data. The result is an increase in the overall site’s performance. In contrast, Squarespace, according to GTmetrix, got an F for its performance.

In this Strikingly review, we tested both website builders with Google’s PageSpeed Insights as well. The desktop version of Strikingly’s homepage had an average page speed (83/100), while the result for the mobile version of the site was 35 out 100.

On the other hand, Squarespace’s results were significantly lower. Google PageSpeed Insights categorized the desktop version of Squarespace as slow (49/100), while the mobile speed of the builder’s homepage was critically low (3/100).

Without going into too much detail about Squarespace’s performance, Strikingly’s performance is within average values.

Desktop Loading Speed

Screenshot of Strikingly's desktop page loading speed performance

Mobile Loading Speed

Screenshot of Strikingly's mobile page loading speed performance

Strikingly SEO

Strikingly features an SEO checklist to help you optimize your site for search engines. The builder recommends adding a site title, meta description, and customizing site’s URL structure. We like the fact that free plan users can even change the generic subdomain name.

Screenshot of Strikingly's SEO features

Taking this into account, users can replace a random set of numbers and letters in the URL with their main keywords. The builder also recommends adding a favicon and social sharing image to websites.

Based on numerous Strikingly reviews, this website builder doesn’t automatically generate a sitemap for your site. In contrast, some of the best website builders, such as Wix and Weebly, generate a sitemap for your site by default.

Still, Strikingly offers a comprehensive guide on how to verify your site with Google’s Search Console and add your sitemap. The builder’s knowledgebase features a lot of useful information on best SEO practices too.

Strikingly Pricing

The builder offers four different plans: Free, Limited, Pro, and VIP. Additionally, Strikingly separates Custom Email, Domain, and Audience plan from its main plans.

Screenshot of Strikingly pricing and plans

Free Plan

Using the Free plan, you can create a single-page website with a free subdomain and 5GB of bandwidth. Users can create only one website and add one product to their online store using the builder’s free plan.

So, is Strikingly free? If you opt for the Free plan, you can use Strikingly for free and forever.

Limited Plan

This plan is slightly less limiting than the Free plan. It supports creating and connecting two websites to a custom domain. Strikingly refers to these sites as Limited sites. When it comes to free sites, the Limited plan allows you to add unlimited free sites, as well as expand your online store’s offering by adding five products.

Screenshot of a Strikingly's limited plan

With this plan, you also get 50GB of bandwidth, and if you choose a yearly or a two-year subscription, you’ll be eligible for getting a free domain for a year.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan supports creating three sites with Pro features, i.e., connecting your custom domain, adding multiple pages to your site (max. 20), adding site search, and protecting your site with a password.

However, if you create five sites, for example, only three of them can have Pro features, while the remaining two can use only the features available with the Free plan.

Apart from this, the Pro plan also allows users to add up to 300 products to their online store, invite collaborators, and add Mobile Action buttons. These buttons allow your mobile visitors to call you, find you on a map, etc., from their mobile device.

Screenshot of a Strikingly's pro plan

What we want to emphasize in this Strikingly review is that all the features listed under the Pro plan can only be applied to three websites, but there’s also the option of buying more Pro sites.

VIP Plan

Screenshot of a Strikingly's vip plan

The VIP plan includes all features from the Pro plan and more. With the VIP plan, your online store can feature up to 500 products, and the number of Pro sites you can create is five. This plan also includes account management, English phone support, and priority support.

Plus, you can send out 10,000 emails per month to your audience. If that’s not enough, you can opt for the Audience plan.

Audience Plan

The Audience is more of an upgrade compared to the Premium plans we’ve previously explored. You can subscribe to this plan only if you’re already using the paid plans.

The Advanced plan will enable you to send an unlimited number of emails/messages and have up to 500 contacts. This plan starts at $5/month.

Custom Email

We’ve already talked about custom email accounts in this review. In short, you can add a professional-looking email account with Strikingly for $25/per year.


Screenshot of a Strikingly price per domain

All paid plans get a free domain with the builder’s annual plans, whether this a one, two, three, or five-year plan. The price of a domain name varies depending on a domain extension.

Domains with .net, .org, .com, .me, and .co extensions cost $24.95/per year. Domain renewal has the same price.

Hidden Costs

The builder’s paid plans exclude some features and services that come at an additional cost. For instance, if you want to transfer a domain you already own to Strikingly, the builder will charge you a fee for transferring a domain.

You should also check if your subscription includes paid integrations, i.e., can you use premium integrations for free or not? While calculating the cost of using Strikingly, you should also consider the option to buy more sites, which will increase the overall cost too.

Billing Practices

Screenshot of a Strikingly billing timeframes

Strikingly has a lot to offer when it comes to discounted pricing plans. The price of your plan depends on the length of your subscription. There are five subscriptions available: monthly, yearly, two-year, three-year, and five-year subscription.

With a monthly subscription, there are only three plans: Free ($0), Limited ($12), and Pro ($20). With a yearly subscription, the price of the Limited and Pro plans drops to $8/month and $16/month. The annual subscription unlocks the VIP plan ($49/month).

With a two, three, and five-year subscriptions, you can save even more on Strikingly plans. For example, by selecting a five-year subscription to the Pro plan, you’ll save $528.

Additionally, if you plan on using a Strikingly coupon code, keep in mind that all discounts will be applied on your next billing cycle.

Payment Options

Strikingly accepts credit cards and PayPal. So if you decide to purchase any of the builder’s plans, these are the payment methods you can use.

Customer Support

Screenshot of a Strikingly's customer support page

Strikingly strives to provide its users with live chat support. The live chat agents are very polite, and they reply to queries almost instantly. While writing this review, the live chat team was available to us at all times, and they’ve invested both time and effort to provide us with the best possible answers.

Apart from live chat functionality, Strikingly offers email support, and an extensive knowledgebase, while phone support is only available to VIP plan users.


Strikingly is an easy-to-use website builder. The fact that creating an online store is possible with a free plan is a nice touch, even though you can sell online a single product. The templates are also one of the builder’s strengths. The same applies to its blogging functionality and form building integrations.

Additionally, Strikingly support team is outstanding and ready to help users create their Strikingly site.

As opposed to all of the positive sides of opting for Strikingly, without the Pro and VIP plans, you can only create a single-page website. With these two plans, a website can have up to 20 pages, which might not be ideal for large businesses.

Additionally, from the SEO perspective, single-page sites might be difficult for search engine optimization. Next, the builder could expand its App Market offering.

One of the most uncommon things about the builder worth highlighting in this Strikingly review is that you cannot add HTML code with a free plan. This is something most website builders allow without a paid plan.

All in all, if you need a single-page website that you can create with great ease, Strikingly is a good candidate for this job. If, on the other hand, you want to create an online store with an unlimited number of products, or design your template from scratch, you might want to consider using other website builders.

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