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Which innovation in web design could be considered the greatest? That’s a pretty difficult question to answer since there’s so much factors to consider. But for the purposes of this Novi Builder review, let’s narrow it down to the best innovation for end users.

In the past, one of the greatest hurdles for those wishing to dabble in website building was learning how to code. Quite a lot of people were put off by the idea of having to learn HTML for the sake of creating a website.

That all changed with the introduction of drag and drop website builders. Thanks to these builders, you didn’t have to learn a single line of code to make a quality website. As a result, website building became much more intuitive and user-friendly.

Novi Builder website creator was one of the tools that perfected the drag and drop feature in 2016. It’s one of the reasons why Novi has become so much liked. It allows users to create stylish websites with little to no effort, and now the idea of drag and drop is quite common among website builders.

Novi Builder

Since it contributed to making website building more accessible to everyone, one would think that it would be widely talked about. However, I noticed that comprehensive reviews for Novi don’t exactly count in the dozens.

In fact, you’ll find just a few out there that are truly worth your time. Most of the articles reviewing website building tools either ignore Novi or present it inadequately.

This is precisely what we will try to fix here. This article is based on my personal experience, testing, and researching this website builder, and it will tell you everything you need to know about Novi Builder features, how easy it is to work with it, and how much it costs to use.

We’ll start off at the very beginning — installing Novi.


Before you decide to give Novi a spin, you should know what its system requirements are:

  • Browser: Chrome 50+ or Safari 10+
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • Display with the minimal resolution of 1024 x 768
  • CPU with the minimal clock rate of 1GHz
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • The minimum speed of the internet network connection – 1 Mbit.

It’s also important to know that you need access to an Apache server to use Novi. If the requirements don’t pose a problem, then we can move on to how to install Novi Builder.

If you want Novi on a local server, the installation will go as follows:

  • Download and install the software needed to get your local server up and running (XAMP, MAMP, WAMP, whichever suits you);
  • Next, you’ll need to set up the local server to fit Novi’s web server requirements, which you can check out here;
  • Extract the compressed Novi Builder archive contents into a directory of the local server;
  • Start Novi Builder up by going to the link to the local server.

The installation process for a remote server goes like this:

  • As before, check the web server requirements to see if you can run Novi on it properly;
  • Get software needed for FTP (Total Commander 7+ and FileZilla will do just fine);
  • Extract Novi Builder’s contents into the hosting server.

Overall, the process isn’t all that complex, but if you still hit a dead end, there are detailed instructions in the Novi Builder documentation section. With these guides under your belt, you’ll most likely set everything up without a hitch.

Now that Novi is up and running, we can discuss how easy it is to use.

Ease of Use

As mentioned in the introduction, Novi is well-known for being user-friendly, which you can see by its simple layout. It’s very sleek and simplistic, and you can see its developers paid attention to details (like placing templates on the top of the page so you can navigate and change between them easily).

It doesn’t take long to become fluent in Novi. Within a few hours, I’ve pretty much gotten most of it down, mostly due to how convenient and intuitive it is to use. You can see that from the fact that there’s a “keep image aspect ratio” option for the plugins for images, so they usually don’t have to be cropped.  

Novi is a drag and drop HTML builder, so all you need to do is find assets you like, drag them to where you need them to be, and drop them there. Additionally, the JS, HTML, or CSS code can be easily inspected or changed through the IDE code editor at the bottom of the page.

Work in Novi is divided into three modes: Preview, Edit, and Design. These will be discussed in another part of this review, but suffice it to say that they create a really organised design layout for you to follow.

A unique feature of Novi is that it lets you import HTML sites and templates, which is very useful if you can’t afford to remake something from scratch.

All in all, if you’re worried about how to make a Novi Builder website and whether it’s complicated or not, you’ll hardly have any trouble navigating and working with it, as it puts an emphasis on creating a direct, convenient user experience.

What this review will now key in on is the quality of Novi’s themes.


To be sure, you won’t find Novi lacking in the template department, either. Once you acquire a Novi Builder membership, you will be given access to quality, highly editable templates.

Choosing the Advanced payment plan, for example, comes with over 20 templates to use (more on these packages later). By joining the Novi fold, you are also granted access to all of its other templates, free of charge.

The cool thing is that Novi Builder templates are organised by industry-specific purposes. You can find templates suited to medical websites, advertising agencies, real estate, dentistry, and many more, all of them tailored to serve a niche’s most common needs.

Novi Builder's themes

All of them are quite stylish and modern looking, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck with an old looking site — you can see for yourself from the Novi Builder demo templates on its main page. Furthermore, they are automatically updated, making your life much easier.

This abundance of templates to choose from results in Novi being quite flexible in terms of what kind of website you need to make. Seeing that there are all kinds of fully functional presets, something like a blog or e-commerce site can be created easily with a few adjustments of your liking.

In terms of responsiveness, all templates seem to work quite well. These templates also scale properly for mobile devices, and I don’t have to tell you how vital that is for increasing your website traffic.

It’s abundantly clear that themes won’t be a bother to you when using Novi. However, we still need to see what it can really do. Next up on our Novi Builder review is the features Novi has.


As previously stated, Novi focuses on ease of use, and that’s why this builder comes with a slew of useful, time-saving features for you to enjoy. Many of its capabilities come from a wide variety of plugins which serve to make your life that much easier.

Novi Builder plugins

Speaking of plugins, Novi provides you with 20 terrific default plugins, all useful in one way or another which make Novi Builder download worth it.

These include:

  1. Background Plugin
  2. Background Image Plugin
  3. Link Plugin
  4. Iframe Plugin
  5. Image Plugin
  6. RD Instagram Feed
  7. Label Plugin
  8. Countdown Plugin
  9. RD Twitter Feed
  10. Icons Plugin
  11. Owl Carousel Plugin
  12. Campaign Monitor
  13. Material Parallax Plugin
  14. RD Mailform Plugin
  15. Light Gallery Plugin
  16. Google Map Plugin
  17. Video Plugin
  18. Swiper Slider Plugin
  19. Camera Slider Plugin
  20. MailChimp Plugin.

As for the Novi Builder features themselves, here’s a quick rundown of what Novi’s got:

  • A well-rounded page manager
  • Various page settings (including metadata)
  • Design mode, which allows you to edit and manage page presets or other content, configure plugins, and edit source HTML, JS, and CSS code of a given page;
  • Edit mode, the default mode that lets you organise your site visually;
  • Preview mode that shows you what your website looks like to visitors;
  • Extensive configuration (Layer tool) options;
  • Presets;
  • Content editor;
  • Drag and Drop tool;
  • Text editor;
  • Code editor (fully compatible with Emmet);
  • Context menu for cutting, copying, pasting, duplicating, removing, and checking the source code of items, as well as selecting parent items and saving items as presets;
  • Media library (with image cropping and reduction options);
  • Icons manager with seven default fonts;
  • Import and Export options;
  • Resolution preview tool (great for seeing how your site fares on mobile devices);
  • Publication;
  • Multiple languages for the interface (you can also add more languages);
  • Style manager;
  • Updater (available from version 0.8.3 – this option is disabled by default, just so you know);
  • Loads of hotkeys.

As you can see by all these features, the Novi Builder tool gives you more than enough to create a smooth working environment. But at what cost? That’s what we’ll cover next.


Watch out for free versions out there, because this tool and its templates are not free. Searching for Novi – HTML page builder & visual content editor nulled or anything to that effect won’t yield anything reliably safe. But you’ll see in a moment why having to pay to use Novi isn’t such bad news.

Membership Plans

Novi Builder memebership plans

You can pay for your Novi membership via card or PayPal. If you choose to buy this website builder, you will be faced with three packages to choose from:

Startup: for $29 a year you gain the rights to:

  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Multipurpose HTML template.

Advanced: the advanced package costs $49, and it gives you:

  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 20+ HTML templates.

Developer: you buy this package for a one-time price of $149, giving you a lifetime privilege of:

  • access to Novi visual HTML editor
  • access to Novi plugins
  • unlimited projects
  • free updates
  • developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • access to all Novi templates
  • the right to sell the Novi templates you make yourself.

Should you wish to upgrade to the lifetime package, you can do that by paying the difference between it and the package you currently work withwithin the first 30 days, that is. After 30 days, you have to pay for the new package separately, but at a discount.

When compared to other website builders, this HTML builder tool doesn’t charge all that much for its services. Some builders are known for asking for much more (Site123’s Gold package costs almost as much as the Startup option every month). You can also opt to cancel membership at any time through a simple unsubscription process.


An alternative option would be to purchase a Nova Builder license, wherein you gain permission to use it on a single project without the ability to sell the license to a third party – this costs $16 – or with the ability to sell it – $80. Both licences receive free updates.

You can buy licences from third parties. CodeCanyon is a good place to do that. Just search for the version you need (typing something like codecanyon Novi v0 8.6 HTML page builder & visual content editor should lead you right to what you’re looking for) and find out if they have what you need.

Novi’s surprisingly low cost is definitely one of its strong suits. Pretty much anyone can afford these packages and build a well-functioning website even with the comparably low-end Startup option.

Finally, we should take a look at how much assistance you’ll get in case you encounter problems using Novi.

Customer Support

Screenshot of Novi Builder's Facebook page

If you run into problems and are stuck, you can turn to either the Novi Builder support team or the dedicated community. The tech support is always helpful and polite, so there are no complaints on that side of things.

However, there is one problem here. Novi’s support team cannot be reached by telephone or even by live chat. Rather, you have to use the ticket service, wherein you file a complaint on the site about a problem you’re struggling with, and one of Novi’s experts will respond when they can.

How much they can help depends on how well you describe the issues you’re dealing with, and they accept no responsibility for difficulties caused by third-party plugins, items scripts, or Novi Builder nulled themes/plugins.

The ticket-exclusive system can prove somewhat inconvenient since you usually have to wait for a reply instead of contacting help directly. But while this may put some people off of using Novi, the team does work around the clock to make sure all problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Beyond the aforementioned, Novi’s site has a documentation section with all sorts of video or written tutorials you can check out before opting for Novi Builder free download.

If you still feel that you need more immediate assistance, you can always turn to Novi’s community (here’s a link to their Facebook group). The folks there will have probably gone through the same trouble you’re experiencing and will more than likely be of great help.


With all this said, is Novi worth your time and money? Well, let’s sum up all the good and bad aspects and see what we can conclude at the end of this extensive Novi Builder review.

The good things:

  1. Very affordable membership fees and you get a lot out of every package.
  2. You can import HTML sites and templates.
  3. The plugins are very handy – even the starter ones are great.
  4. The interface is sleek and simple to navigate.
  5. Drag and drop makes it a breeze to work in, and you can also change code on the same page.
  6. Industry-specific themes can save you a lot of time and hurt.
  7. Automated updates keep you running with the latest version compatible with most plugins or widgets.

The bad things:

  1. Tech support isn’t immediately available by phone or chatbox.
  2. The need to find a separate hosting service before you can start with the Novi Builder login procedure could be a bother.

When you look at it like this, it becomes apparent that Novi really has a lot going for it. It’s a great web builder that’s both very flexible and easy to use. And it gives you all that for what’s basically a pocket change in the long run.

Who should be using Novi? While that depends on factors like membership plans, newcomers to website building would probably benefit the most from using this tool. It’s a cinch to pick up, and you can use it to create a high-quality site. With that said, more experienced developers can be just as pleased with it, too.

As you can see from this Novi Builder review, even at its relative infancy, this tool shows a lot of potentials and can give other more popular website builders a run for their money. Add to that the fact that updates come up regularly, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Novi will become one of the go-to web building tools.

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