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During the last couple of years, creating a website has become an achievable goal for anyone who is generally accustomed to using a computer and the internet. Because of this, numerous website builders have appeared online, yet picking the right one for your project can be a confusing experience.

As part of our website builders review series, we share our personal experience with some of the most popular options.

Screenshot of GoDaddy website builder home page

In this review, we will cover everything there is to know about the GoDaddy website builder. As you’re about to see, this tool is focused on helping users to easily create a cool website instead of requiring them to spend valuable time tweaking each design setting.

Ease of Use

To kick things off, ease of use often represents the main factor worth taking into consideration when picking a website builder, especially for users who have no experience with creating websites from scratch.

With this in mind, in our GoDaddy website builder review, we found that the company has opted for a user interface that is straightforward and easy to use. As such, users do not have to spend much time educating themselves on the quirks of the builder but rather can get to work instantly.

However, learning the insides of the website building experience is a good step for those without experience. GoDaddy seems to be aware of this. It has introduced a smart learning program that sums up everything there is to know about the builder in an easy to follow and understand tutorial.

Is GoDaddy Website Builder Good?

Regardless of whether you choose to follow the tutorial or not, the experience is bound to be intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-use page elements that can be added in via drag-and-drop. While the builder has a rigid design that affects more creative work, customisation options are available for all website elements.

Screenshot of GoDaddy Image Editing software

As such, if you want to add in an image, you can simply use drag-and-drop to introduce it into the website. Afterwards, there are sizing and editing options (similar to those offered in Microsoft Word), which can be used to adjust images according to your liking.

The GoDaddy website builder editor is made up of three main parts: the webpage, a toolbox available on the left side of the screen, and the navigation bar situated on top.

The webpage represents your main working area where elements can be modified, moved, and added accordingly.

On the toolbox, you’ll find several features that can help you further customise the content available on the website.

You can get access to several other editing options via a simple click on the webpage elements that you have added. Based on the element that you are clicking on, you can expect several customisation options, including copy, delete, edit, click-and-drag, alongside several other settings. Each of the tools is self-explanatory.

When it comes down to content editing, you are given the basic tools associated with any text processing app. As such, you can select fonts, size, add headers, change colours, or introduce styling options.

godaddy style, fonts and colors dashboard

In this GoDaddy website builder review, we also found that the word editor is easy-to-use just like the other editing tools, thus making content editing a breeze.

The content editing options are similar to those available on other website builders and are bound to be useful. After all, more customisation leads to more unique and attractive websites.

To put things better into perspective, with a bit of prior experience with building websites and a general idea on how you want your site to look and feel, you can expect to have a fully-functional basic website ready in less than an hour.

Of course, the process could take several hours in case you want to go more in-depth with customisation and features. Yet, in terms of customisation options, it remains one of the best website builders.

In terms of overall performance of the builder, Google classifies it as fairly slow, but we do not consider its speed problematic enough to turn you away from giving it a try.

Mobile loading speed is similar. However, general website performance is okay, especially with the higher payment plans, as we will outline later on.

To sum up the user experience, the website builder process follows several steps: enter the website builder, choose a domain name, choose a theme, and start building.


Screenshot of GoDaddy Website theme

If you’re not a fan of fully designing your website by creating theme templates yourself, then the chances are that you’ll love GoDaddy’s wide selection of premium website templates.

With this in mind, the company currently offers users access to over 300 GoDaddy website builder templates, organised in numerous categories. Each category offers more than one option, whereas each theme can be customised to fit the purpose associated with your website.

In terms of theme design, it is important to point out that GoDaddy’s designers have done a pretty good job since they’ve managed to come up with stylish and modern designs fit for all types of businesses.

Keep in mind the fact that the builder allows you to switch themes at any time, in case you happen to change your mind. Once a theme is selected, the process is straightforward — simply enter the website name and its address and then start using the website editor.

In the list of 300+ website templates, you will find both free and paid options. Additionally, every once in a while, GoDaddy editors curate the themes and suggest the most popular and trending options.

This is an additional benefit in case you have a difficult time making your mind. If you run a quick comparison of GoDaddy website builder vs Wix, for example, you will quickly find that Wix has more themes, yet the quality is high for both.

Another factor worth pointing out is that GoDaddy allows website builders to create their very own WordPress child themes. The process is certainly designed for more advanced users. Luckily, the builder’s blog offers more information on the steps that you need to go through to create a WordPress-based child theme, after picking out the parent theme.

At this time, there are very few complaints related to the responsiveness of the themes. Most users seem to think that they are bug-free and responsive for both desktop and mobile devices, which is certainly great news.

The overall response-rate of your website will also depend on the hosting package that you choose, your traffic, and the number of features, pages, images, and videos that you integrate. When taking a look at GoDaddy website examples, you will note that browsing is seamless and loading speeds do not disappoint.



In the digital marketing and online business environment, blogs are considered essential to the success of a business. They have great potential in helping businesses create better reach towards their customers, while also increasing brand awareness and website traffic.

GoDaddy blogging feature

Just like many other website builders out there, GoDaddy offers blog integration. With this in mind, creating a blog is a straightforward experience that does not require too much tinkering. Users can add a blog feed, alongside videos and images, to their GoDaddy site builder.

The website builder also offers several additional tools for bloggers. For example, posts can be categorised and shown on other pages of your website. Generally, this tool is bound to give sites a sleeker look, backed by easy access to relevant information.

Users can also opt to add an RSS feed, thus allowing readers to sign-up for receiving new content. In the long run, this feature is beneficial as website owners can integrate Google Analytics to learn more about their readers and the overall success of their blogs.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that GoDaddy still has a long way to go before becoming a proficient platform for bloggers. There are several missing functionalities in this regard, such as being unable to integrate a comment section on posts.

Additionally, the themes aren’t the best for blogging needs. As such, if the sole purpose of your website is to serve as a blog, then it may be a better idea to search for something like GoDaddy Website Builder vs WordPress blogging options and see for yourself why so many people believe that the latter is more blogger-friendly.


SSL certificates are essential towards increasing trust in your website, especially if you process personal information such as usernames, passwords, and payment-related data. Lacking an SSL certificate will also lead to Google tagging your website as non-secure.

Luckily, the builder offers SSL certificate integration. In general, getting an SSL certificate isn’t the most straightforward process, but GoDaddy does attempt to make it as easy as possible.

With this in mind, there are several steps that need to be taken. GoDaddy login offers a sign-up procedure for generating a certificate signing request, which is followed by requesting an SSL certificate.

After the request, you will be prompted to verify that you have full control of the domain in question. If everything goes ahead smoothly, you can then install, download, and manage your certificate.


No website builder, domain registrar, or hosting service would be complete without allowing users to sign up for domain-based email. As many GoDaddy website builder examples show, its email app is backed by good design and the general tools that you would expect from your standard email provider.

Form Builder

The website builder also offers form-creation functionality. With this in mind, users can rely on either pre-generated forms (including contact and application forms) or can design their very own from the Design Your Pages section.

Available form-related tools include form text box, text area, radio button, checkbox, list, submit button, reset button, and captchas support.


Webpage menus are of great help to users navigating through section-based complex websites. GoDaddy facilitates page navigation menus via the ‘Edit Menu’ tool. It is easy to use, as you can easily add, remove, edit, and add links to your navigation menu.


App integrations are also available and easy to take care of. You simply need to use your GoDaddy website builder login, click on the website builder, then on Manage, and then on Edit site.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the currently-supported apps. Some of these include PayPal, Yelp, YouTube, Google Maps, Email Marketing, and more.

Do keep in mind that for PayPal and Yelp integration, GoDaddy requires you to be a paying member of the Business or Business Plus plan.

E-commerce Functionality

While e-commerce functionality is available, it isn’t as straightforward when compared to some of the other features being offered. With this in mind, the store cannot be integrated or managed directly via the website builder, as it will act as a separate webpage.

GoDaddy e-commerce tool

The online store offered by GoDaddy is similar to its website builder since it is easy-to-use and offers a wide variety of features, despite its limited design options.

It doesn’t support drag-and-drop, however, so changes to the store must be made by filling out the editor. Because of this, customers think of it as an easy, yet time-consuming approach to e-commerce support.

In case your plan is to sell products via an online store, the chances are that another e-commerce-friendly website builder will help you more in the long run. Despite this, there are several successful examples of online stores created with this builder.

Is GoDaddy Website Builder Free?

No, but a free one-month trial is available. In terms of the payment plans, GoDaddy features a total of four plans to choose from.

The cheapest plan (Personal) is available for £5 per month and offers website hosting, mobile support, 24/7 support, blog integration, and an SSL security certificate.

The Business plan, available at £7 per month, gives you access to all features outlined above alongside PayPal integration and SEO tools.

The Business Plus plan, available for £11 per month, gives you additional access to email marketing tools, Google business, and social media integration.

Lastly, those who are interested in setting up an e-commerce business can choose the Online Store plan, available at £20 per month. It features all benefits from previous plans, alongside the fully-stacked online store, credit card integration, product reviews, shipping tools, promotional tools, and the abandoned cart recovery feature.

Payment Options

In terms of the payment options, the website builder accepts most major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. PayPal and ISC holders are also welcome. Customers residing in specific regions get access to gift card-based payment and bank transfers as well.

Customer Support

GoDaddy is well-known for its multiple methods of getting in touch with customer support. With this in mind, most regions can expect 24/7 phone support that is available free of charge. Additionally, email-based support is available as well.

We went ahead and tested the customer care service. The team delivered a professional and pleasant experience. Wait times via email tend to vary, yet phone support is instant.

The customer support representatives will be happy to guide you through fixing issues that you may encounter while also answering any questions you might have. Do keep in mind, however, that the support team isn’t meant to help you build your website.

Screenshot of GoDaddy help page

For questions pertaining strictly to your website building effort, the company offers a large knowledge base so you could simply check out a relevant GoDaddy website builder tutorial.


Based on everything that has been outlined so far, GoDaddy represents a successful website builder that can impress most people. It excels in providing a user-friendly experience since websites can be built in a matter of minutes. Customisation options are plenty, whereas the tools being offered work as advertised.

The only downsides associated with the builder include the lack of direct e-commerce integration via the website builder, alongside the average options available for bloggers.

Lastly, it is worth pointing out that payment plans that GoDaddy website builder offers are advantageous when compared to other competitors.

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